Friday, February 26, 2010

Toffee Sandwich Cookies

I have a lot of toffee left in the house from making cake cookies and my friend Allison, who invited me to go to a concert with her this past weekend, happens to love toffee.  I wanted to do something different, one can only eat so many cake cookies, so I turned to Tasty Kitchen.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should.  The site was started by The Pioneer Woman and, like most of what she does, it's amazing.  I've already mentioned another recipe that I found on the site, and it didn't disappoint when I looked for something to do with all the toffee I had in my kitchen.  Here's a link to the original; I followed it exactly and was not disappointed. 

This picture doesn't do these little babies justice, they were incredible.  Quizmaster Devin definitely downed three of them without taking a breath, and that's high praise.  I won't lie though, these were better on the second day.  Something about the flavor of the cream working in to the cookie really complemented the toffee.

I took these on a road trip to San Antonio with Allison and Nicole this last weekend; Allison's wonderful boyfriend Michael snagged some sweet tickets to the rodeo/concert and was nice enough to host all three of us crazy girls.  We had such a fantastic time; shopping at La Cantera, eating at Jenny's every chance we got, singing along as loud as we could to the Eli Young Band...  These cookies were definitely a nice treat after we got back from our adventures.     

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