Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Butterfinger Cookies

There was another bartender birthday last week at Murphy's!  As I may have mentioned before, I love helping people celebrate their special day, even if it's just by baking something especially for them.  Frazier requested something containing either Reese's Pieces or Butterfinger, so I put my thinking cap on (yes, I seriously wrote that) and tried to figure out what to make with those two flavors...  It was, to say the least, a challenge. 

Let me put in a disclaimer that I know I don't have to bake every week, and that I'm aware that the people I bake for could care less what I bring in.  I know it, I really do. I know this is all self-imposed.  I'm competitive though, and despite the fact that there's no one to compete against AND no real prize, I look forward to it and that's what's important.   That and I like being able to try new things out on a willing audience.  Anna is a good sport, but there's only so many baked goods I can force on her before she threatens to move out and I'm left without a roommate and have to leave the beautiful house.  I can't have that happen.  So I bake for other people.  But back to the issue at hand...  Frazier's birthday!   

Cake cookies are always popular but, since they're so easy and I've made them before, I didn't feel they were quite special enough for a birthday treat.  I found this recipe on Tasty Kitchen, and decided to make two kinds of cookies because nothing says "Happy Birthday!" like two kinds of cookies with lots of candy in them.  True story.

Naturally, I didn't take any pictures.  But both of the cookies went over really well.  I was concerned that baking would change the texture of the candy, which was part of the reason Fraz requested those two types, but thankfully that didn't happen.  The chocolate cake cookies with Reese's Pieces were crunchy, and the Butterfinger cookies managed to retain the stick-to-your-teeth texture that so many people (though not really this girl) love about the candy.

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