Monday, July 19, 2010

Margarita Cake and Allison's Birthday

A month after my birthday (well, really a day shy of a month) was my friend Allison's 25th, that's her up there.  She was a huge part of making my celebration the extravaganza that it was, so I wanted to be sure that hers was just as awesome.  Lucky for us, her birthday landed a few days before Memorial Day-a built in three day weekend!  I was out of town all week for work but when I got back, the fun started!

I made margarita cake since it's appropriate for the season and who doesn't like a little baking with booze?
I took Annie's suggestion and brushed the cake with tequila after it cooled, I think it was probably only two or three tablespoons for the whole cake (two 8-inch rounds).  Nothing that'll get you in trouble for trying this out at work, but completely worth it.  The only notable difference from the linked recipe is that I made a different frosting than the one she describes.  I tried to make the swiss meringue that was suggested, but had a considerable amount of difficulty with it and ended up just throwing it all away.  I don't know what happened, but figured I could turn to my trusty Bailey's Buttercream and substitute tequila for the Bailey's.  I was SO right.  The frosting was delicious, and really did complement the lime-y aspect of the cake.
We barely got to taste the cake, we were so busy with festivities for the birthday celebration.  Two concerts, two river floats, and a shopping trip or two later left us very tired and not terribly hungry for sweets.  We all tried it and decided the recipe is definitely a keeper; I've made it since and it hasn't disappointed.

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