Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Birthday, Part Two

On Saturday morning, after we recovered from Friday night's festivities, I met the girls in downtown Bryan for breakfast at a Mexican food restaurant for chips, salsa, and breakfast tacos.  Naturally, everything was delicious.  Then we headed out to a local vineyard for their annual Wine and Roses Festival.  Despite the fact that I've lived in B/CS for nearly seven years, I've never been to the vineyard, and I have been missing out!

We took a tour of the facility, took advantage of the tasting tent, and walked around the vineyard a little bit.  Everything was so beautiful; flowers in bloom, bright sunshine, and fantastic friends to share it with.

After we finished up at the vineyard, we went back home to change and head out to dinner.  Little did I know, my friends had gotten together to surprise me at one of my favorite restaurants in town.  Those little sneaks were all there when I walked in, and it took me a little longer than it probably should have to realize what was going on.  I finally figured it out when I saw my friends Cara and Daryl, who live near Houston, at the table.  Jessi baked me a cake (chocolate with raspberry filling, delicious) and afterward we went out for drinks and dancing on Northgate.
Sunday was my official birthday and it was an appropriately low-key, fun ending to the craziness that was my 25th birthday.  The girls and I went to an Aggie Baseball game to cheer our boys on to victory against OU. Though we ended up losing, we had a good time yelling and heckling, and that's really what baseball's all about.  Isn't it?

I really wanted to share how much I appreciate what my friends did to make my birthday special.  If you're reading this, THANKS!  You have no idea how lucky I feel to have people like you in my life.

I promise the next few posts will be baking related; I've made so many things in the last few months, there's a lot to catch up on!

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